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Realtors® Leo Singh and Linda Holt-Hanlon

Reveals In A FREE Special Report:


29 Essential Tips That Get Homes Sold Fast (And For Top Dollar)


The homeseller realized he was trapped. There was absolutely nothing he could do. Because he didn’t have the benefit of adequate preparation and thorough homework, the price he had negotiated for his home sale was lower than he should have received—thousands of dollars lower.


In all the years Realtors® Leo Singh and Linda Holt-Hanlon have been helping area residents with their home sales, they have run into a surprising number of sellers in similar predicaments. But much to Leo and Linda's concern, when it comes to unfortunate sellers like the one above, they can’t help after the fact—then it’s too late.


Start With Leo and Linda’s Free Special Report.  Leo and Linda understand all too well how vital a role the information and preparation they provide their clients really is. Information is the seller’s best friend, and most important ally. That’s why Leo and Linda decided to put together a special report to help prospective home sellers. This special report, entitled “29 Essential Tips That Get Homes Sold Fast—And For Top Dollar,” is provided free, as a community service by Leo and Linda. There is no obligation whatsoever. Leo and Linda simply want to help homesellers who order it.


What you will learn from this Special Report;  Leo and Linda’s special report, “29 Essential Tips That Get Homes Sold Fast—And For Top Dollar,” provides exactly that—29 important points you should understand before you put your home on the market. Most importantly, it puts information in your hands that will help ensure you are the most prepared seller you can possibly be, both mentally and emotionally.


What To Do And Not To Do.


In this special report Leo and Linda share many of the tips that professionals utilize to help maximize a home’s potential and actual worth and most importantly, help you drive up the selling price of your home. You’ll learn many important things you need to do, but more importantly may be the things it tells you not to do. When you undertake a large step such as selling your home, your emotions run high and your frame of mind could negatively affect the outcome of your transaction. This report covers some things you should never do—things that could cost you dearly at the negotiating table.

How To Get Your Special Report.


Before you sell your home, read this special report. Then carefully select your real estate professional. But the bottom line is to arm yourself with the information you need to be a successful home seller. So call Leo Singh and Linda Holt-Hanlon for your FREE report. Simply dial 281-467-3629 and ask for your report, it’s that easy.


Meet Realtors® Leo Singh and Linda Holt-Hanlon.




Leo Singh and Linda Holt-Hanlon are devoted family people and residents of The Woodlands. They have found the Perfect career in real estate. “They love this area and it's great people,” Leo and Linda say. “Every day we can go to work and make a positive difference in people’s lives.” Perhaps this upbeat and caring attitude is what has catapulted Leo Singh and Linda Holt-Hanlon to the top of their field. It certainly drives them to be the very best agents they can be to clients and non-clients alike. Through their informative special reports, Leo and Linda strive to find ways to make a positive difference.


Call 24 hours a day and order your free special report! 281-467-3629 Simply request the report and one will be sent to you immediately. Alternatively You could Fill the form below and a Report will be emailed to you.  It’s that easy.