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A FREE Special Report 

From: Realtors® 

Leo Singh and Linda Holt-Hanlon

Squeezing Every Last Dollar From Your Home Sale...Maximum Profit!!!


Here is an informative report that provides you with several ways—some very inexpensive—to help you get top dollar from your home sale.


It happens all the time. A home seller puts his home for sale on the market. After several months, and a few price reductions later, the seller begrudgingly sells it, taking longer than he hoped and getting a price lower than anticipated.

And the worst part is, that home seller probably could have avoided this predicament. If he had simply taken a little money and with little effort on his part, he could have squeezed more money out of his home sale, and sold it much quicker than he did.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Realtors® Leo Singh and Linda Holt-Hanlon has helped countless home sellers to get their home sold quickly and for top dollar. How do they do it? Well, it really boils down to years of experience and knowledge. Over the years, Leo and Linda have sold many homes in many shapes, sizes and condition, and they have seen firsthand how by suggesting to their home sellers to perform minor clean-up and repair work, they were able to sell their home quicker and for thousands more than they could have, had they not invested a few hours work or few hundred dollars.

This Report Shows How To Sell For More

Using this knowledge, Leo and Linda have decided to put together a special report entitled “Squeezing Every Last Dollar From Your Home Sale.” In this free and informative report, you will find several invaluable tips and suggestions on how to not only increase the saleability and price of your home, but sell it quicker.

Who Should Order This Report?

You’ll be amazed that some of these tips, requiring very little money on your part, can pay big dividends when you sit down to negotiate your price with the buyer. The report also covers some larger renovations and improvements that generate a more substantial increase in your sale price. Want to know which renovation can give you more than 100% return on investment? Would you like to know the Dos and Don’ts of remodeling and renovations? The answers are in this report.

Who can benefit from this report? Any home owner can, even if you don’t plan on selling for a few years. In fact, this report can be used like a reference manual for you to decide on a priority list of improvements—use it to plan a proactive course to a much more profitable home sale years later.

How To Order Your Free Report

To order your free special report prepared by Leo Singh and Linda Holt-Hanlon, simply call 281-467-3629to request your copy. No one to talk to, it’s that easy. Order yours today.


Meet Realtors® Leo Singh and Linda Holt-Hanlon.





Leo Singh and Linda Holt-Hanlon are long time residents of The Woodlands area who’s found the perfect career in real estate. “I enjoy servicing the real estate needs of The Woodlands area,” says Leo Singh and Linda Holt-Hanlon. “And providing these special reports free is simply a way for us to help make a positive difference in people’s lives.”


Call 24 hours a day and order your free informative special report,

“Squeezing Every Last Dollar

From Your Home Sale.” 281-467-3629" 

Simply dial to order. It’s that easy.