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Want to Give you home the "Wow Factor"?

These proven tools make your property the one that Buyers remember and want as their own.

7 Insider Secrets 
On Showcasing Your Home For A Successful Sale.

A Special Report Prepared by Tony Verdi and Paris Harmon

Most prospective buyers make their decisions based on the emotional reactions they form upon first seeing your home. In fact, seasoned real estate professionals will tell you that even the smallest detain can be an important deciding factor, especially in a competitive market.  The key to getting a buyer interested in your home--and getting them to place an offer that reflects it top value--is helping that prospective buyer feel comfortable while viewing your property.  You want them to establish a connection from the moment they drive up to your home.  And once they've viewed the inside, you want them to see themselves living comfortably in it.

Too many home seller underestimate the power of the emotional response.  As a result, they see competing homes down the street get the "Just-Sold"
signs, while their own real estate investment languishes on the market, not getting offers worthy of its value.  How can you avoid having ghis happen to you? Read on.

Research & Strategize

Knowing exactly what you have to work with will go a long way towards helping you form a strategy to achieve your real estate goals.  First, you nee to educate your self on everything that can affect the sale fo your home and which elements you can actually control.  Obviously , ti's impossible to control everything, but there are some changes you can initiate, and these may make all the difference.

To help yo gain realistic perspective, here are few factors that consider when reviewing your property.

*  Property location
* The prevailing market conditions
* Weather you've hired a professional real estate agent to help you.
* The number of desirable features within your home and how well they are       displayed.
* The overall condition of your home

While some of these things cannot be controlled by the home seller--such as location and market conditions--other factors can.  It is important to remember that even the most subtle of difference can play an important role in  property showcasing your home so that it inspires buyers to place an offer on it.

What is showcasing?

When you open your doors to prospective buyers, weather at an open house of a;rovate showing, you are showcasing your home.  Your home, like is or not, is the spotlight.  This is where you want to shine.  Ideally, your home should stand out in the minds of  prospective buyers.  You want to be a star.  If there are five homes for sale in your immediate area, you want yours to leave the best impression.

Here are 7 simple strategies and secrets designed to give your home the edge it needs in  competitive market.